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Quiz Buzzers

I have been building high class buzzer systems for over five years now, with customers ranging from individual quizzers, schools, universities, event management and even TV quiz shows.

I build systems to meet your individual requirements, and have built systems in the past to handle anywhere from 2 to 32 players.

Popular options include the following:

  • Hand held buttons;
  • Table-top buttons;
  • Mains or Battery power;
  • Indicator Lights;

Buzzer Console

Hand Held Button

Table Top Button

My most popular option is an eight player console (arranged as two groups of four) with hand-held buttons. This can be used for two teams of four contestants, or eight individual players.

When a player presses their button, and indicator light on the console (and optionally in front of the player) shows which player has pressed first, and all other players are locked out until the question master resets the system using a button on the console.

If you would like to discuss options for a system, or would like some indication of pricing, please contact me using the "Contact Us" page, or call me on 07904 923091